Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Casey Supports Abortion

At least now we know his mind on abortion. He can claim to be pro-life all he wants, but on top of assisting women to murder their babies, he is also a liar.

Now we'll also see how dedicated to pro-life work Cardinal Rigali remains. He is our Bishop while we wait for another to be named by the Vatican. Will he take action against Casey like he should? It is well known he is close to retiring and wants no 'bumps' on that particular road. Watch his reaction carefully.
Scranton, PA (LifeNews.com) -- Members of the pro-life group Insurrecta Nex and local Pennsylvania pro-life advocates are in day two of a vigil outside Senator Bob Casey's home in Scranton. The pro-life advocates are literally camped on the street, praying, and holding signs with the hope that they will be able to convince Casey, who claims to be pro-life, to vote against the pro-abortion Senate health care bill. By their witness, and with their prayers, they are pleading for Senator Casey to filibuster the measure -- the only way to stop it from advancing.

Diana Roccograndi told LifeNews.com she introduced the group to Casey's wife and explained that they would be holding a vigil in front of her house for the next four days regarding the health care bill because Sen. Casey has said he is pro-life. She responded, "Why won't you leave him alone? Why doesn't anyone give him credit for the votes for life he has made?" She was upset about us being there, and said: "My children and neighbors will also be upset; you should have gone to his office, not here."

Casey's wife admitted that their protest would not likely yield any results. "It is not going to do any good; he has prayed about it, and has already made up his mind, and is not going to change it," she reportedly said. Roccograndi wondered what God Casey prayed to if the answer was to support a bill that would result in paying for hundreds of thousands of abortions.

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Roaming Catholic writes:
The late great Gov. Casey was forbidden to speak at his party's convention for his strong defense of the unborn. Too bad about his son, Sen. Casey. He had so much potential to do good for the unborn, and for America. Too bad...