Friday, December 18, 2009

Come Together

When I started writing this post, my Irish was up, but then all of a sudden, it wasn't.

It was suggested that since we haven't had a Scumbag of the Day lately, that the atheist who just happens to go to a Catholic college, who just happened to call the ACLU and got the baby Jesus busted, would become a prime candidate for my coveted award.

But then reason and God's graces intervened, so now I am looking at this situation in a different way.

This single act will bring Christians together in a way this Christmas season which is not normally seen. Right now as I write this people are gathered where the manger once stood on our public ground in Christian solidarity. Waving flags and holding pictures of Nativities, and carrying plastic baby Jesus'. Would those people be there right now if this hadn't happened?

This single act has now brought Christ to the forefront of our Christmas celebration.

Unwittingly, this kid who does not believe in God will see true Christianity in action right before his eyes. Maybe the love of Christ will fill him up and his eyes will open.

Even if not, this kid has probably done more for Christmas this year than most of us have done.

Yes, it is terrible that they took our Nativity away. Yes, it is terrible how the ACLU bullies people at every turn. Yes, it is terrible how much power our courts now have over us, despite the intentions of the founders.

But better yet is the good that will come of this. Come together as Christians at this time of persecution. Show them our power.

Come to the courthouse rally this Sunday at 1pm. The Traddy family will be there.

Come to the Living Nativity Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 4-8pm and lend a hand, or just show up and look. Sing a carol. Bring some hot chocolate in a thermos and share it with the drummer boy. The Traddy family will be there.

This is a tremendous opportunity.

God does work in mysterious ways which we cannot understand.

God bless you and we'll see you at the courthouse!


Christian said...

I totally agree. The living example of Christians is so much more powerful.

Anonymous said...

I just am baffled by all this. Why is he in a religious institution?? And yet, will he be going to classes on "Christmas break"? I think not. He will be enjoying the part of Christmas that that he wants to enjoy; a "cafeteria Catholic". He should be expelled. I emailed him, and encourage all to do the same.