Friday, December 18, 2009


According to KRZ's Jeff Walker, the Nativity will be back at the County Courthouse Monday! County solicitor Vito DeLuca just confirmed this on WILK. As far as I know, the protest planned for Sunday is still on, as well as the Living Nativity.

Also our conservative friend Jumpin' Jeff Walker had our atheist friend Vacula on the radio just now, and made him look like an idiot. Way to go Jeffy!

Vacula just posted up on his page: I'll be on 98.5 KRZ very soon! Tune in!

I don't think he got the reception he was expecting.

His latest Facebook says:
Justin Vacula has been declared the most hated person in this county besides the judges involved in the "Kids for Cash" scandal by KRZ Radio. It's so wonderful that's I'm hated because this nation is truly a secular one and I am willing to uphold the constitution and fight for the truth. Luzerne County is ridiculous.

Now we are ridiculous for ridiculing him? Maybe he'll call the ACLU on us!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Good Christmas news.

Anonymous said...

Just had a funny, (scary) thought!! Look at his last name--"Vacula"!! Sounds too much like dracula. No wonder he doesn't like religious symbols; must scare the p&%s out of him!!

Anonymous said...

He views himself as a martyr. Funny, kinda a religious notion...getting persecuted for what one believes in n' all...