Saturday, December 19, 2009

Forty Years Isn't Long Enough?

From our friends at The New Liturgical Movement

As many of our readers will no doubt already be aware, in response to the forthcoming new English translation of the Roman Missal -- a translation which is far more accurate and theologically rich, being more closely aligned to the actual Latin editio typica of the Missal of Paul VI -- some individuals have organized a petition, What if we just said wait?, which expresses their concern over the new translations, further asking the bishops to not introduce them generally into the English speaking world at this time. This petition was also recently featured in an article by America Magazine on Dec. 14th, 2009.

Their petition has about 6000 signatures at the present moment.

Now, in response, a counter-petition has been created (which WDTPRS drew to our attention this evening), which comes out in support of the bishops conferences, the new translation and its general implementation: We've Waited Long Enough.

Needless to say, the NLM joins with WDTPRS in asking and encouraging people to make their own voices heard, taking the few moments required to sign this petition in support of the new English translation of the Roman Missal.


I encourage you also to sign the petition, as this along with the widespread use of the Old Mass, will lead to the true 'springtime'. One we can all agree with.


Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

I am all for a new translation. I am all for theological accuracy. The translations we have now are watered down. You get no argument from me there.

My concern is over the feasability of the new translation. I have read some of the prayers. Everything seems choppy. It does not flow.

My second concern is the part of the Eucharistic Prayer that reads "Then he took the 'sacred chalice'" I believe the Words of Institution should be Biblical, I do not believe they should be changed--- when it comes to the direct Words of Institution.

So-- fine--- by all means, let's have a new translation which is rich in it's theology and less watered down. But can't we have one that flows and makes good use of the English lanquage?

Father Dave Bechtel

The Rockin' Traddy said...

I've read it. I do not believe it is 'choppy'. After reading the modernist translation of the Latin for so long, I can see how the new, true translation of the Latin may seem different. But 'choppy'?

You crazy!