Monday, December 28, 2009

No Excuse... not offer the Extraordinary Form! Our friends at the FSSP have introduced a 2 dvd set to teach you how to celebrate the Mass!

This 2-DVD disc set has been produced by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in collaboration with the EWTN Global Television Network to teach priests how to say Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. The video includes an introduction by Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. A comprehensive step-by-step explanation and walk-through of the entire ceremony of Low Mass. A real-time demonstration of the Mass filmed from four simultaneous camera angles with the ability to switch the viewing angle at any time! Instruction in the basic principles of gesture and movement as well as all the variable elements commonly encountered when offering Mass. A talk on the fundamental principles of the Extraordinary Form by Fr. Calvin Goodwin, FSSP, and a spiritual commentary on the liturgy. English, Spanish, & Italian audio tracks available. Over three hours of footage on two DVDs!

And best of all it is FREE to priests! What have you got to lose except bad liturgy?


Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One--

I have told you that I have no issue with the Old Rite. I have no issue with priests and laity who are devoted to the Old Rite and want to celebrate it. It is not my cup of tea, but I will tolerate it for the sake of those who find it useful for their spiritual life.

I qualify that statement however, by saying--I will not allow anyone to impose any obligations on me. In other words your right to have the Old Rite celebrated is not my obligation to provide it. Your right to have the Old Rite celebrated is not my obligation to learn it.

When I become a pastor, if people desire the Rite and request it, my reply is going to be along these lines: "You find the priest, I will give you the use of the Church. But it cannot replace a Sunday Mass, or Holy Day Mass. It must take place when all other masses are finished."

Is this fair or at least fair enough-Sir Rockin One?

Father Dave Bechtel

The Rockin' Traddy said...

That's cool. You are already heads above most of the priests in this diocese!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Fr. B - I have a question - You stated "I will not allow anyone to impose any obligations on me".

How about the Pope? Can he impose obligations on you?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

Your question "What about the pope..." is wrongly phrased. You and I know full well, the pope can impose an obligation on me or any priest.

I think what you really mean to ask is "Would I follow an obligation the pope imposed on me." The answer is I would relucantly follow it. If the pope in theory ordered me to learn the Old Rite and celebrate it I would have to do that wouldn't I? But I would not have to LIKE it would I?

Of course I do not see the pope ordering any priest to learn and celebrate the Old Rite anytime soon, nor do I see our next Diocesean Bishop doing so either. I like it just fine the way it is- for those interested in it, they are free to do it. As long as they don't try to impose their spirituality and devotional practices on me, I have no problem with it.

Your right, I am worlds a head of some priests in this diocese. The irony of it is-- the priests who do the most squalking about how we need "diversity" and such within our Church, are the very ones balk at the Old Rite. Diversity swings both ways doesn't it?

Father Dave Bechtel