Friday, December 18, 2009

Constitutional Scholar Vacula

Self proclaimed liberal Justin Vacula (left) was indignant after DJ Jumpin Jeff Walker lambasted him on KRZ this evening. Poor baby won't be doing anymore interviews!

From the NEPA Freethought Society Meetup Message Board:
Crazy discussion.
I am most likely opting out of interviews in the future because the people can't handle the truth and want to misconstrue the situation.

The displays were unconstitutional.
This is a secular nation. End of story.
Has anyone ever noticed that "free thought" usually translates into a tiny minority attempting to with-hold the natural rights of the majority?

Well thanks for setting us straight, Justin. I'm sure we're all glad you were able to interpret the Constitution for us.


Anonymous said...

Traddy--I sent him an email to let him know my thoughts on this subject. He answered it. What a pompous a$$hole!! I wonder what he'll be doing during CHRISTMAS vacation.

Anonymous said...

Traddy--I just finished reading the T.L. online, and I totally agree with you about this. This whole mess has brought Christians and Jews together unlike ever before. It makes my heart warm to see people standing up for God and Jesus. Have a Merry CHRISTMAS!!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Elaine - You can send me the emails if you like. I'm interested to see the exchange.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Traddy, but will have to copy them. I'm not that computer literate enough to foreward them.

Anonymous said...


Catholic Reader

Anonymous said...

I was going to start off by saying a number of things directly in relation to this post, however after having read your 'rules' for commenting, I've taken a quick notice to the "Be nice and courteous" rule.

Funny, seeing as though YOU call people losers for believing something different from what you believe. Just as you stand here and argue your opinion because of your religious belief, Justin has every right to argue his, irreligious or otherwise.
You've taken history courses, I'm sure. You know the 'rules' and law's of this Nation. You should know your amendments and you should be able to acknowledge that church and state is to be kept separate, and that when the government speaks, it speaks for it's nation. Not all of us believe the same thing. If you don't like it, move elsewhere, kid.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Jaylee, you flatterer! Most people tell me I don't look my age. Thanks for coming by and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

irregionalist--Justin can believe what he wants; makes no difference to me. All he had to do was not look at the religious symbols, if they were so offensive to him. That is his right, and no-one is telling him he has to look at them. But when I enjoy looking at them, and he starts a big fiasco to get them removed, then he is infringing on my rights. Tell me--What does he do when he walks into class every day? Close his eyes? It's a Catholic college, with religious symbols all around! He is nothing but a glory hound who just wanted to make a name for himself. Well he accomplished that. His name is now worthless.
Elaine (religious, and proud)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your attempt at justifying the fact that the law has been completely and utterly ignored and covered up with the reason of "This is primarily a Christian Nation." The fact is, it's not always 'majority rules' especially in cases like this. No one is saying it is offensive, they're simply saying that the government speaks for all when they speak, and not all believe in the same thing. Any humble minded person, Christian, Catholic, or otherwise should understand that. Above all else, we all live in the same country.
Secondly, and in defense of "Justin attends a Catholic College" - Justin chose to go to that college, and I'm certain due to it's exceptional education, not because of the things it represents. Not to mention, no one is saying that they are offended, they're just saying it's wrong. It is a violation of law, and it goes against the constitution.
And, for further reference before we go and state what our nation was built on, Not all of our presidents have been religious. Actually, a great handful of them have expressed clearly that they are deists. And if you don't feel like taking my word for it, you can certainly google it at any time.

And for being a people of religious faith, you guys aren't very good ambassadors of your religion. You shout this crap about God this, Jesus that, yet you judge people as if you have the authority to do so. If you're that deep into your religious dogma, then you should leave the judging up to the one you consider your lord and savior.

Peace and love, Jaylee.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Jaylee, we will see, if the ACLU decides to continue their persecution, what the law actually says. I think you will find we are well within it's confines.

But I can tell you this as well, the founders prohibited establishing a national religion, they did not prohibit expressing our belief in The Creator. We will continue to do so on our public land.

And as far as judging, I do not know to what you are referring. Opinion and judgment are two different things. I have an opinion, as do you. Judgment is reserved for God alone.

Bye bye!

Anonymous said...

Right on Traddy--you said it for me!!

Rygar said...

"But I can tell you this as well, the founders prohibited establishing a national religion, they did not prohibit expressing our belief in The Creator. We will continue to do so on our public land."

That's right, it is *our* public land. Yours and mine. Not "yours because there are more of you".