Monday, December 21, 2009

Rodano's Meetup

The next meeting of the NEPA Freethought Society will be December 26 at Rodano's in Wilkes-Barre.

As you recall, the members of the Society contacted the ACLU and caused a big ruckus down at our county courthouse.

According to one of their members on their message board "...The doors to the private room we utilize during our winter meetups will be secured, so to those members who are attending, simply give a knock and someone will immediately allow you entry. Apparently our host, Rodano's, has no issues with our group, and the way we show our appreciation to them is by spending a few bucks on eats and drinks during our meetup."

So, Rodano's allows them to hold their meetings free of charge. If anyone feels like calling Rodano's at 570-829-6444 be sure to tell them they've lost your business, for catering to groups like the "freethought" people. If they can offer them a place to meet for free, they apparently don't need your business.

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Christian said...

Being that they aren't so much atheists as they are anti-theists; I'm surprised that they didn't take the bold stroke of having their meeting on Christmas Day.

Seiously though, antagonizing them doesn't lead them back to Christ. Back in the day when I was a glorified Pantheist, I would get really incensed any time my christian roommate acted in an un-christian way toward me. I enjoyed cherry picking scripture quotes to throw in his face.