Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Based on characters and situations....

Here is the actual News Release the Times based their article on. Go to this post for that. You will notice that nowhere did the Times reporter mention the true subject of today's news release, that being how sexuality and homosexuality is being taught by Misericordia. The mention of kicking the "Diversity Institute" to the curb is not mentioned in the news release until the next to last paragraph.

How Sarah Hofius Hall, the staff writer assigned to this story can read this release, and then take something that actually reads as an afterthought, and make that the focal point of her article is beyond me. C'mon Sarah, didn't they teach you how to identify topics, recognize main ideas, and locate supporting details in high school? I thought that was tenth grade stuff?

Way to report the story. Maybe you should be a fiction writer instead.

Here is her version of what the news realease below supposedly said. I guess you could call her "article" loosely based on a news release by the Diocese.

What do YOU think?



400 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503


February 24, 2009

For Immediate Release

Bishop Asks Misericordia To Specify How Sexuality Is Taught

In response to Misericordia University’s assertion that it “is committed deeply to its Catholic mission,” Bishop Joseph F. Martino observes that the institution should convey to its alumni, and in fact to all the faithful of the Diocese of Scranton, its efforts to teach Catholic morality regarding sexuality and homosexuality.

In doing this, the Bishop believes the school should speak precisely, naming courses, content and even catalog numbers.

Bishop Martino’s position at this time follows his “absolute disapproval” of the university’s hosting of Keith Boykin, a proponent of morality that is disturbingly opposed to Catholic teaching.

Mr. Boykin made two presentations at the school on Feb. 17. In at least one of his talks, he discussed advocacy for issues such as same sex marriage, and he addressed the intersection of religion and sexuality. The Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality was not presented at the event.

A statement from the Diocese issued the day before the talks noted that “Mr. Boykin has authored three books and all three have been nominated for a Lambda Literary award. Lambda is a legal advocacy effort for homosexual causes. Mr. Boykin is an avid supporter of same sex marriage and is an activist for positions disturbingly opposed to Catholic moral teaching.

“Bishop Martino wants Catholics of the Diocese of Scranton to know of his absolute disapproval of Misericordia University’s hosting Mr. Boykin. By honoring this speaker through allowing his positions, so antithetical to Catholic Church teaching, to be broadcast on its campus, the University has rejected all four essential characteristics of a Catholic institution of higher learning. These are: its Christian inspiration, its obligation to reflect on knowledge in light of the Catholic faith, its fidelity to Catholic Church teaching and its commitment to serve the people of God.

“The faithful of the Diocese of Scranton, the Bishop observed, should be in no doubt that Misericordia University in this instance is seriously failing in maintaining its Catholic identity.”

Misericordia responded with a statement saying it understood the Bishop’s criticism, but “Mr. Boykin’s appearance . . . is not meant to be a forum for advocacy on any singular issue.” The statement also said the University “welcomes legitimate scholarly discussion among its students, faculty, staff and guests from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.”

The statement also said that “Misericordia University is committed deeply to its Catholic mission.”

Regarding the request for specific information from Misericordia, Bishop Martino said that students attending a Catholic institution should have a clear understanding that while all persons should be treated with dignity, homosexual activity is not condoned by the Church and should never be construed as acceptable behavior.

Bishop Martino is also asking Misericordia to seriously consider discontinuing its Diversity Institute, which co-sponsored Mr. Boykin’s appearance. He had previously served for a week as a visiting scholar with the Institute.

The Bishop’s rationale is that students should learn respect for all races and cultures, but that viewpoints that are in direct opposition to Catholic teaching should not be presented under the guise of “diversity.” Doing so within a formal structure sanctioned by the institution gives the impression that these viewpoints are acceptable, or that all morality is relative.

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Anonymous said...

Roaming Catholic writes: I wonder if the other Catholic campuses in NEPA allow "Perversity within Diversity" clubs to operate on their grounds? I believe Pope John Paul II issued an document/encyclical in the 90's outlining how Catholic colleges/Universities should operate. I don't recall its name right now. Bishop Martino knows what he's doing, despite what the local media thinks about him. Also, don't kill the ANONYMOUS postings. I like posting this way sometimes.