Monday, February 23, 2009



There is a crazy, anonymous pro-death person that has been commenting here.

What I always see from these pro-death people is that they never recognize the life or the divine spark in the fetus. Doing so makes their position untenable, so what they do is go on and on about the "mother" and what's good for the "mother".

So I made the remark to stop worrying about the mother and worry about the baby for a change. Then the comments started to come in where this person was HOLLERING AT ME! You know, ALL CAPS.

It annoys me enough to have anoymous baby-killers commenting, but when they start hollering at me, that's enough.

So here is a graphic example of why I say stop worrying about the mother.

Here is a woman after an abortion:
Here is a baby after an abortion:
Any questions as to who got the shitty end of this stick?