Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bp. Martino keeps on Rockin!

I may have to make this guy Rocker of the Year if he keeps this up!

Be sure to take this article from the Scranton Times with a grain of salt, because they are clearly taking the side of the University and their "Diversity Institute". You'll notice that they will claim that Boykin, a gays rights activist was here for "Black History Month", when he was actually here to discuss gay rights and their journey to achieve equal rights to marry and have children and whatever else they feel they need to make them feel like first class citizens.

In a previous post I suggested "...trashing the "diversity" institute and using the money to better declare Catholic faith and morals." Hmmmmmmm.....

Bishop Joseph F. Martino has suggested Misericordia University close its Diversity Institute, which hosted a gay-rights speaker earlier this month.

On Feb. 17, Keith Boykin, a best-selling author, television commentator and founder of the National Black Justice Coalition, spoke at two functions as part of Black History Month and in conjunction with the group’s annual dinner.

The Institute’s primary goal is to work with community members to promote multi-cultural understanding and the elimination of all forms of discrimination, according to its Web site.

The bishop believes that students should learn respect for all races and cultures, but viewpoints in opposition to Catholic teaching should not be presented “under the guise of ‘diversity.’”

“Doing so within a formal structure sanctioned by the institution gives the impression that these viewpoints are acceptable, or that all morality is relative,” according to a statement released by the bishop Tuesday.

In a statement released by Misericordia this afternoon, the university said it “welcomes the opportunity to discuss these matters with the bishop and his delegates at their convenience.” No further public comments will be made.

Earlier this month, after the bishop expressed “absolute disapproval” for Misericorida hosting Mr. Boykin, Misericordia released a statement that conveyed it was “committed deeply to its Catholic mission” but as an academic institution, ideas and positions are explored critically and freely.

In response to that statement, Bishop Martino also wants to the school to prove its efforts in teaching Catholic morality regarding sexuality and homosexuality — including naming courses, content and catalog numbers.

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