Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scranton Times censoring the Traddy?

If you've been following what's going on over at "Catholic" Misericordia University, you know that I posted this and this earlier today.

Well, the "article" by super sleuth, by that master of reading comprehension, reporter Sarah Hofius Hall over at the Scranton Times has a lot of comments. Mostly negative comments either by people who used to be Catholic until they decided they didn't want to follow Church teaching anymore, or people who belong to some of the other Christian Sects who are clearly against Holy Mother Church and what she teaches.

In any way, shortly after the article first appeared I made a comment, claiming that Hall was off the mark on her topic for the headline. That was all, pretty much. I didn't call her names, or anything like that, but the editors of the Times decided not to post my comment. I find it interesting that people in other comments can make derogatory remarks about the Bishop, Catholicism, and Catholics in general, but they choose to not post my comment pointing out their mistake.

Or maybe it is that I pointed out their agenda.

That could be what I did wrong.

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Christian said...

the absolutely vile hate and ignorance that the Newspaper makes an editorial decision to allow online is absolutely reprehensible, no matter who the target is.