Friday, February 13, 2009

Who will wear it?

As some of us know, the speculation about who will become the big dawg in America, the Archbishop of New York, has been swirling around like mad. All sorts of names have been tossed about.

But let me, gentle readers, direct your attention to the real prospects for the post. Archbishop John Meyers of Newark, and Bishop of Bridgeport William Lori are the cream that have risen to the top.

Some other, less know folk are Archbishop of Military Services Timothy Broglio, Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of Milwaukee, and Archbishop of Atlanta Wilton Gregory.

But of course, Papa Benedict likes to surprise us all from time to time, so we really don't know for sure what he'll do. The other rumor I have heard is that the Archbishop has been chosen, and the candidate has accepted. We will see soon. In any case, pray for these and all our Bishop's who carry such extraordinary weight on their shoulders.

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