Sunday, February 1, 2009

St. Michael's Fate

From the Diocese website:

CLUSTER # 1 – the parishes of St. Ann, Scranton; SS. Peter & Paul, Scranton; St. Lucy,
Scranton; St. Patrick, Scranton; St. Michael, Scranton:
• SS. Peter and Paul, Scranton and St. Lucy, Scranton, will remain linked but this will be reevaluatedno later than July 2011. It is further directed that the linked parishes will develop a proactive plan to partner in the combining of activities, resources, personnel, RCIA, Sacramental preparation, and CCD.
St. Michael, Scranton and St. Patrick, Scranton will consolidate at the St. Patrick site in the remote possibility that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter withdraws from St. Michael Parish. If that were to occur, plans will be made to accommodate the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite at a new location.
• The worship site at Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel of St. Patrick Parish is to be reviewed after two years.
• The creation of a Partnership among St. Ann, Scranton, St. Patrick, Scranton, St. Michael,
Scranton, St. Lucy, Scranton and SS. Peter and Paul, Scranton no later than July 2009.

I wouldn't worry too much about any of this. The FSSP has no plans to pull out of St. Michael's. As a matter of fact, there are three priests staffing the parish currently. If anything, certain diocesan priests might be pissed about three priests at St. Michael's while nearly each diocesan priest is serving three parishes. A wee bit of jealousy I wonder?

The only thing that concerns me is that St Mike's is being thrust into a partnership which other parishes. An example of a partnership would be all of the parishes would send their CCD students to one class. Those traddys reading this can see the difficulty there already.

We will see where this leads.

Not horribly bad, though.

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Anonymous said...

The FSSP should leave St. Michael's, which is small inside and out, for a more rural parish. Thus young Catholic families could start to move to the area and actually create a traditional Catholic community. Fr. Flood should know this, what with his experience in Maple Hill. The St. Michael's FSSP congregation is the most vibrant--read lots of children--in the entire diocese, it deserves a better site. By the way, move but keep the name!