Friday, February 6, 2009

Must be the "Spirit" moving them

Get a load of this! I cannot believe that a "priest" who so easily throws Catholic teaching aside would be put in charge of a diocese until the Pope chooses the former Bishop's successor. It stands to reason of course that this "priest" would defend the actions of a another "priest" and his perverted actions in a bathroom.

And can someone tell me who the "Diocesan Consulters" that elected this "priest" are?

Breathe, Traddy, breathe...

From a post at the Catholic Caveman.

Here's some of the article from The California Catholic Daily; (emphasis mine)
“A few months or as much as a year”
Interim administrator for Oakland diocese once allowed homosexual marriages, built church with no crucifix or tabernacle

Now that former Oakland Bishop Allen Vigneron has been installed as Archbishop of Detroit, Fr. Dan Danielson, a priest who once allowed homosexual marriages at his parish and was instrumental in the construction of a new church in Pleasanton with no tabernacle and no crucifix, has been elected to run the diocese until a new bishop is named by the pope.

News of Fr. Danielson’s election was announced in the Feb. 3 diocesan “Administrative Weekly,” which said, “The Diocesan Consulters today announced the election of Fr. Dan Danielson to fill the role of Diocesan Administrator. The administrator leads the day-to-day activities of the Diocese until a new bishop is appointed. Fr. Danielson retired in 2007 as the pastor of the Catholic Community of Pleasanton.”

The Catholic Community of Pleasanton is comprised of St. Augustine Church and St. Elizabeth Seton Church. In 1998, then-Bishop John Cummins expressed displeasure with Fr. Danielson and ordered him to stop talking to the press after it became public knowledge that Fr. Danielson was allowing homosexual marriages at St. Elizabeth Seton. An attempted lesbian wedding on May 9, 1998 was called off when 50 Catholics came out to the partially built church in a protest that was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle and on San Francisco's Channel 7 News. At the time, Fr. Danielson bragged he would continue blessing gay unions outside of the church building.

Two years later, when St. Elizabeth Seton parish completed a 15-year-long, $5 million project to construct a new church, Fr. Danielson again came under fire. The new St. Elizabeth Seton church had no tabernacle (the tabernacle was housed in a separate building), no crucifix, no stations of the cross, and no kneelers. In addition, there were no stained glass windows or statues. Chairs were arranged in an oval, looking down on a simple wooden table that was used as the altar. The 8-foot-long, waist-deep, full immersion, baptismal bath came complete with bright blue tiles and Jacuzzi jets.

More recently, in November 2007, Fr. Danielson defended the selection of Fr. Padraig Greene to replace him as pastor at the Catholic Community of Pleasanton. Fr. Greene was arrested in 1999 for lewd behavior in a public restroom. In the online bulletin of the two-parish community, under the heading “Notes from the pastor for this week,” Fr. Danielson said that public protests outside the parish required him to reveal what Greene did in 1999. “I would not do this ordinarily any more than I would ‘out’ the sins of anyone else who had a position of leadership in this community,” said Danielson. At 2 p.m. on March 2, 1999, police arrested Greene “at a restroom next to a highway for indecent exposure,” continued Danielson. “There is a baseball field nearby. There were no children or minors involved, nor were there any nearby at the time. Only the police officer who observed this behavior and subsequently arrested him was present.” The court dismissed charges against Greene when he completed therapy. “As you can imagine,” wrote Danielson, “Fr. Padraig was and is filled with shame and great remorse over this incident.”

Fr. Greene continues to serve as “parochial administrator” of the parish.


makemeaspark said...

xcuse me, I'm new here but this is appalling! Those men should not call themselves priests. How about pagans? ICK. They give me the willies, if it was around here, i could organize a great protest...

Chad Myers said...

I see nothing wrong with any of this. The American Catholic Church of Social Justice celebrates these activities!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Sparky! I'm all about protesting! Whats good for the scumbag wacko libs is good for us too!

Chad baby, are u pulling the Traddy's leg?

There may be some minimalist children of the 70's trying to pass themselves off as the official Catholic Church of America *coughUSCCBcough*, but that tide is turning!

Stay tuned as I'll have all the news right here as soon as others report it first!

Christian said...

Your last sentence is the best, Traddy. But I'll still come here first!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

You're a loyal reader Chris! As long as you keep coming back for more, I'm sure the USCCB and other left wingers will keep supplying the Traddy with enough material...