Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Huzzah for Bishop Martino

Well, the goodly Bishop Joseph Martino is on the front page of the paper today.

It would seem that the "Catholic" Misericordia University will host gay activist Keith Boykin today.

Bishop Martino issued a statement Monday saying Misericordia University “is seriously failing in maintaining its Catholic identity” and called Boykin’s stance on homosexual issues “disturbingly opposed to Catholic moral teaching.”

The Bishop also correctly stated that "the University has rejected all four essential characteristics of a Catholic institution of higher learning. These are: its Christian inspiration, its obligation to reflect on knowledge in light of the Catholic faith, its fidelity to Catholic Church teaching and its commitment to serve the people of God.”

Of course the libs over at the University actually had the stugots to claim they are ..."deeply committed to it's catholic mission." They have a "diversity" institute on campus and that is their reasoning as to why they can host Boykin the Rectal Ranger. As an institute of higher education, all viewpoints should be studied.


What was the fee he was paid? How much are they paying for his hotel accommodations? Meals? Transportation? It's not cheap it bring these speakers in.

I suggest trashing the "diversity" institute and using the money to better declare Catholic faith and morals.

But that's not the liberal agenda, is it?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting our Bishop, and for your blog supporting Catholic Tradition! I am one of the newly ordained priests of the Diocese and I recently discovered your blog. Please pray for the Bishop and all priests, especially young priests, and for an increase of vocations.

Fr. Gregory a. Reichlen
Parocial Vicar, St. Thomas Aquinas, Archbald and St. Mary of Czestochowa, Eynon.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Father. Rest assured that myself and those 5 regulars who read my blog pray for our Bishop and priests daily.

Anonymous said...

Richard Sipe, a psychotherapist and former priest, has studied celibacy and sexuality in the priesthood for four decades. He has authored three books on the topic. He once estimated that 30% of the priesthood is homosexually oriented. Elsewhere, he is quoted as estimating that between 25% and 45% of American priests are homosexual in orientation. He told the Boston Globe: "If they were to eliminate all those who were homosexually oriented, the number would be so staggering that it would be like an atomic bomb; it would do the same damage to the church's operation...It would mean the resignation of at least a third of the bishops of the world. And it's very much against the tradition of the church; many saints had a gay orientation, and many popes had gay orientations. Discriminating against orientation is not going to solve the problem."

Anonymous said...

During a press conference in Rome on April 24, 2002, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Wilton Gregory, was interviewed regarding the homosexual problem in the Catholic Church. In his own words he said: "it is an ongoing struggle to make sure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men" (Newsweek, May 6, 2002, p. 23).

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Yeah Anonymous, I'm sure it is a struggle.

Let us pray for these priests that God will help them overcome their personal crosses they must bear.