Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vatican to look at Nuns in America

I was in Catholic grade school in the late seventies, early eighties. I was taught by sisters. I owe a great deal of what I know Catholicism to be because of them. And luckily I was taught by good sisters. Ones who taught us about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and the saints. They taught us about Heaven, Purgatory, and yes. Even Hell.

I'll admit, I have a soft spot for sisters to this day because of how they treated me when I was wee lad. When I was at the EWTN celebration a few years ago in Philadelphia I made sure I went up and spoke to Mother Angelica's sisters that were there.

And if Sister Mary who taught me in third grade is reading this, thanks! You were right, I turned out ok!

When I attended St. Boniface the nuns presence was beginning to diminish at the school. There were more and more laymen coming in as teachers, and less and less sisters. Now, of course the school is closed, and the presence of sisters in the diocesan schools today is almost non-existent.

In post Vatican II years, we have seen a massive decline in the amount of Catholic nuns across the board, and in vocations in general. But unfortunately, many of the nuns we do have can barely be called nuns. They do still exist, but what many of them espouse can barely be called Catholic.

Here's the decline of the Catholic nun in pictures for easy reference.

Here's a nun from the turn of the century roughly:

Here's a nun from the 1960's:

Here's a group nuns from today. From our Diocese's own website:

What's wrong with this picture? Too much to go into. Not only have many religious sisters in this country lost their habits, they have changed their missions. Whereas nuns from years ago mainly educated our children and cared for multitudes in hospitals, now they have morphed into "community organizers", carrying the banner of social justice and attempting to make it the Church's number one priority instead of the salvation of souls. Some have gone so far as to openly oppose Church teaching on matters of women's ordination, gay marriage and abortion.

Well, the Vatican is getting involved now. Go here to read the story. Pray the Vatican can fix what the US Bishops have allowed to break.


Christian said...

About once a month I thank my lucky stars for the Sisters of Christian Charity. Still a few teaching at St. Nicks in W-B.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

How many are there and roughly what are the ages? An estimation would be fine and dandy...

Anonymous said...

Roaming Catholic writes: Its ironic that a lot of nuns portrayed on TV or in the movies today mostly are all dressed in traditional garb, not modified or, like the pic you uploaded, without any habit or veil on. These same shows usually make the Church look like she's "out of touch" with the times, too.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

That's true. But I think the many "lapsed Catholics" that these hollywood types try to target still have in their minds the traditional habit. And it makes more sense to have women in habits doing bad things, that way people automatically connect it with the Church.

If we had Sister Mary Liberated in her polyester pant suit and dyke haircut in these movies and tv shows, they could very well be Secretary of State or a Senator. These people want very much to go after the Church, and that is why they continue to use the habit.

Christian said...

There are 4. The principal ~65 years old, an Eight Grade Teacher Late forties- mid fifties, A second grade teacher in her forties(according to my 10 year old. Heavy grain of salt there) And a Kindergarten Teacher in her 30's.

They all wear pseudo traditional habits somewhere between the first photo and the third one. There's no mistaking them for anything other than Nuns though.