Friday, February 13, 2009

Evil Pelosi to meet the Pope?

There is a rumor afoot that Nancy Pelosi and a "delegation" (probably the Democrats that signed the letter about Bishop Williamson) are on their way to Rome.

To meet the Pope.

I hope Pelosi's pure evil does not cause bits of of St. Peters to come tumbling down.

I hope the Pope rips her a new one.

After all, she was my "Scumbag of the Day".


Anonymous said...

Hello all...can someone please tell me what they know about Nancy Pelosi meeting with our Precious Pope? What the Hech is going on? Why is some Italian Legislation comittee giving an award of some kind to her? And what is this letter about Bishop Williamson? I know nothing about that...thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this...! God Bless!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Well, there is precious little information except that Pelosi and some sort of "delegation" is going to see the Pope, and that along the way Pelosi I gather, is getting some sort of "award". Beats me.

As far as the letter goes, Several "Catholic Democratic" Congressmen signed a letter to the Pope taking him to task for lifting the excommunication of the holocaust denier Bp. Williamson.

Pretty funny, huh?

I was making a connection between Pelosi going to Rome with a "delegation", and who might be joining her.

Queesy yet that Pelosi gets a private audience with the Supreme Pontiff?

Father G said...

"I hope the Pope rips her a new one."

We could only hope and pray...

"Pray brethren that..."!

Anonymous said...

Calling a fellow child of God evil?

Take the log from your own eye.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Anonymous, did you see the post where I named Dame Pelosi "Scumbag of the Day"? If you had, you would have learned that she came from a pod.

And since pod people are not the children of God, I was quite correct to call her evil.

And even if she weren't from a pod, her actions in the "service" of her country have been the work of Satan.

Abortion is evil.

Hence, people who support abortion are evil.

'Nuff said